Tuesday, March 13, 2001

sup! i know i said i'd start my entries two days ago, but i got lazy...anyway...it's 2am...i don't have class till 1 tomorrow...so i'll start my entries and talk about what happened yesterday. nothing too exciting happened...woke up at 8:45am...had class from 10-11, 1-2, &3-4. sucks...anyway, after class, i went to go play tennis with tim, janice, and alan. we finally got to play after about a month of raining, tests, and the like. tim and i beat janice and alan (ha!!!) haha just kidding...tim did a lot of the work, but hey, i helped out every once in a while. hahahaha. after tennis, we came back and ate dinner.

after dinner, i came back here and chilled with raf a little. then i started studying, peer reviewing, etc. cristy came over and we chilled for a while, too. talked a lot...only meant to talk for a little while, but it ended up being longer than i expected. then, raf, cathleen, jenny, cristy, and i went to the vending machine to get food...only to find out that it hadn't been restocked in a while...only thing that caught my eye: M&Ms (marilyn....hahahaha).

anyway, nothing too interesting happened today. i'll be sure to have some interesting stuff tomorrow. right now i gotta get back to studying...finals next week...then SPRING BREAK! yeaaaaaaaa....hahahaha iight...peace!